Due Diligence

RawArrowsSM?Whether you are an existing building owner/manager or looking to purchase a building with elevator and escalator equipment, Company’s Due Diligence equipment condition survey includes a detailed review of each elevator to determine the type of systems installed, equipment condition, remaining useful life of the components and estimate of probable costs of repairs, code deficiencies and major modernization requirements, both immediate and long term. All machine room equipment, hoist-way equipment, elevator cab equipment, all signal fixtures and pit equipment.

All pertinent data such as type, operation, control, capacity and speed of equipment, floors served, stops and openings, manufacturer, maintenance contractor, date of installation, modernization date (if applicable), and special features installed are part of the survey and report.

We review and identify deficiencies of the requirements for compliance with the American Disabilities Act (ADA) and local applicable codes. We determine the life expectancy of the equipment based on the results of the other findings.

Key Benefits:

  • Richard E. Baxter & Associates provides you with an expert who understands the elevator industry and knows how to achieve the needs of you the client.
  • Our consultants each have in excess of 40 years of real world experience in the elevator industry.
  • Our consultants provide a common sense solution that resolves ongoing issues experienced by both you the client and/or the elevator contractor.
  • Our opinions and solutions are completely unbiased since we are completely independent from any elevator contractor.
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