QEI Inspections

RawArrowsSM??Our inspectors are QEI Certified by the National Association of Elevator Safety Authorities in accordance with the ANSI QEI-1 Standard for the Qualification of Elevator Inspectors. Each inspector is licensed to perform QEI inspections in Texas and Oklahoma in accordance with local laws and regulations.

We perform test certification and inspections including Category 1 annual no-load testing, Category 5 full-load testing and acceptance testing. We provide our clients with an unbiased third party to witness the code required elevator safety test.? The ANSI code mandates that one party conduct the actual test and another party witness and certify the test and its results.


Our elevator and escalator consultants and inspectors have a vast amount of experience and expertise in the installation, maintenance, repair, modernization and inspection of both hydraulic and traction elevators and escalator systems.? Each inspector has in excess of 40 years serving elevator industry.

Key Benefits to our inspections include

  • We provide an independent person to witness the test which eliminates possible conflict of interests, giving our customers an unbiased inspection.
  • All Category 1, 5 and Acceptance test witness certification is completely independent from any elevator contractor.
  • We provide all inspection reports utilizing iQEI software developed by and for elevator inspectors.
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